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The teams traded goals while skating four on four in the second period. Yetman, scoring his team leading 20th goal, converted a Golden pass while moving through the deep slot at 6:56, and Chenier made it 3 2 just 32 seconds later, finishing a three on one rush with Russell and Paul Christopoulos. Russell drew the sole assist on Chenier 13th goal, which tied Moncada for the team lead..

Since it’s your own Instagram and you answer to no one but yourself in this cruel world, you don’t have to go for a cohesive feed if you don’t want to. But if you do want to, it’s important to decide what kind of vibe you want. “If your feed feels too inconsistent, it can be hard for your followers to keep up,” Jade says.

Despite his global financial entanglements, as Trump and his inner circle have repeatedly emphasized, the conflict of interest laws that restrain other federal employees don apply to the president. You know, I have a no conflict situation because I president, which is didn know about that until about three months ago, but it a nice thing to have, Trump said at his January 11 press conference. Days after his inauguration, a group of ethics lawyers filed a lawsuit against Trump claiming that his holdings violate the Constitution emoluments clause, which bars federal officials from taking payments from foreign governments.

The image Scencer on this camera is great, I put the ios at its max and had almost no digital noise in any image. All my grilling stuff is on one place. I use this for camping more than actually tailgating. 1. The prices aren’t disgusting they are not, seriously, maybe add a dollar (or two, in some cities) for the view, but you don’t really need to take a mortgage on the house to have a drink in them, honest! If you don’t believe me, you can check all official websites, where price lists are available. All, except the Kong in Paris, are as affordable as any other bar or club at ground level! The thing with the Kong is not its exclusive nature, it’s just Paris being it’s usual expensive self..

At the winner of our Best Strip Club, lap dances only cost ten dollars, so we’re guessing you won’t need to withdraw much of your book advance to relive the Lewinsky Experience. Sure, there are classier joints where perhaps none of the strippers have “100% Beef” tattooed on their ass cheeks but you are being stalked by a Secret Service legion for the rest of your days. This club, where gunshots regularly compete with the sweet sound of booty clappin’, might finally give those agents some excitement..