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In Indian history, the syncretistic and communalist viewpoints have conventionally been represented, to take one case in point, by offering a contrast between the lives of the two emperors under whom the Mughal Empire was at its zenith, Akbar (reigned 1556 1605) and Aurangzeb (reigned 1658 1707). Akbar is often adduced as an example of the tolerant ruler, whose policies demonstrate that though he himself was a Muslim, the state was not Islamic. Some have even pointed to him as a ruler, when scarcely any monarch in Europe was such, and his advocacy of a new faith, the Din i ilahi, which combined elements from various religions, exemplifies the ecumenism with which he is associated.

For the individual operation, the optimisation studies were carried out by using the following conditions: AC dosage (50 “200 g/L); contact time (2, 4, 6 h); US power amplitude (50% and 80%) and US cavitation time (30 “180 min). The optimisation studies utilising US power amplitude (50%) and cavitation time (15 min) followed by AC adsorption using minimum AC dosage (50 g/L) and contact time (30 min) resulted in 100% COD and 83.33% TSS removals which meets the discharge limits set by the Department of Environment (DoE), Malaysia. The hybrid operation was also studied by simultaneously employing AC adsorption and US cavitation and it was observed that an adsorption dosage of 50 g/L resulted into achieving 73.08% COD and 98.33% TSS removals within 15 min of US irradiation.

One couple who had booked bed and breakfast, but had one evening meal in the hotel, told us they not only paid for the two glasses of Cava but also 2 euros each for the use of a glass. What an absolute rip off!ConclusionFrom our experience, even though it has a 5 star rating we do not think it was any better than the original 4 star hotel we had booked in Playa Blanca. In fact the food was not as good with less choice, particularly as there was only one restaurant open when we stayed.

It is at the same time modest (I know I cannot begin to cover the full range of any of the subjects I am trying to open up here) and almost insanely ambitious since I am trying to completely reframe the way we think about even some of the most casual, everyday aspects of our social existence. For instance, the point about hierarchical transactions being organized as the exact opposite of reciprocity was an understanding long in coming (it all started when I read Marc Bloch’s feudalism as a young man, and the passage cited struck me as enormously important, but it took me decades to figure out why) but once said, it becomes something of a mystery why no one has pointed it out before. It just suddenly seems kind of obvious..