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If the headlines returned by the search include headlines you are looking for but also include a lot of unrelated headlines, try changing the setting from the “At least one of the words is found in the headline” setting to the “All of the words are found in the headline” setting and redo the search. You will need to remove extra words in your search if no headlines are returned by the search. See the simplify your search example above to see how to simplify your search terms..

A quick and easy gift that’s good for anyone on your list and, best of all, affordable is a box of four truffles from Leonidas Famous Belgian Chocolates. For $10, you get a romantic green and purple box that’s beaded and painted to look like a tiny cage full of birds, and filled with chocolates of your choosing. Shopping making you hungry? Grab a slice of New York style pizza at Village Pizzeria or load up on sugar to keep you going at Crumbs Bakery..

Avoid infantilizing the white woman. I understand the husband (rightfully) wants to protect his wife, but he shouldn treat her like porcelain. Look into materials that address how to support loved ones with PTSD, particularly the traumas that she deals with.

One outfit that has become a flashpoint for the entire crew is what is referred to as the Heidi Dress, a gathered dirndl that Carrie wears on a picnic in a future episode. It was the idea of Field, who had a feeling that a Heidi moment might be in the fashion winds. Parker wears pigtails in the scene, and even took it upon herself to draw freckles on her cheeks..

She has two boys of her own in school and she says their classes have over 40 students in them and about 40% of them are new Canadians who speak little or no English. Cambly Care believes teachers need better supports to handle this sort of thing. She also thinks teachers should get back to focusing on the basics..

Basically some of my friends are mad that 12 will not be a minority of some sort, be it Woman, Black, Asian, or other. Now most of the people that are posting things like this are just making the point that once again The Doctor is a white man, and those people are more than welcome to point that out to those of us that they think can not see that for themselves. However there is a small contingent that think that if the actor had been a minority they would have been better able to embody the warrior for good that the Doctor has become to so many people, and thus implying that somehow Capaldi will be less and that since Capaldi is a white male his doctor cant be as much of a leader to those that have been oppressed.